Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Merry Christmas.....from "Marley & Me"

Hey y'all.........

Seriously, could that dog be any cuter?

OK.....if you've been to the movies in the last few months, you've probably already seen the trailer below, for the upcoming flick -- Marley & Me.

Owen Wilson, Jennifer Anniston and a yellow lab that is just too cute for words.

Talk about a holiday, family, "feel-good" flick.

I saw the most recent trailer in the theater last week, and the last shot of Owen and the dog, out the car window -- got one of the biggest and longest laughs I've ever heard at the movies.

Mark my words people, this baby has hit written ALL over it.

The flick is based on the best-selling book by John Grogan and opens nationwide on Christmas Day.

Hmmm.....I think I know where my family and I will be after we finish opening our presents that morning.

Check it out:

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Maureen McCabe said...

I could not finish the book...wonder if I will be able to watch the movie.