Monday, August 17, 2009

It's Our Gal Sandra....and it's "All About Steve."

It's no real surprise that I love Sandra Bullock.

She's a Hollywood survivor who is smart, funny, not afraid to act wacky or look unattractive...

AND she enjoys working behind-the-scenes as much as in front.

Oh yeah....she's also currently riding a huge wave of success after her recent romantic-comedy flick The Proposal (which cost only
$40 million to make....) just passed the $157 million dollar mark at the box office.

No, that's NOT a typo.

After 9 weeks in release....The Proposal has made $157+ million dollars.

In comparison, Night At The Museum 2 cost $150 million to make, and in 13 weeks has made $175 million.

Huh. Not bad girlie, not bad at all.

Especially for a former "It Girl" who many had written off as no longer bankable at the box office. I'm sure that some of those suits in La-La land were even waiting for her to announce a TV project.

That's where the former movie queens seem to be going nowadays...doncha know.

Nope, it seems our gal Sandra can still bring 'em into the theaters....she just has to be driving the right vehicle.

Well, looks like the next one for her is another romantic comedy, and this time she is once again starring with a handsome & younger leading man.

You go girl.

Lucky for Sandra, the guy (Bradley Cooper) is suddenly very hot after his recent turn in the mega-successful summer hit, The Hangover.

I've seen this trailer for the upcoming It's All About Steve a few times now, and each time it still makes me smile. Pseudo-stalker Sandra is quirky yet likable, TV reporter Thomas Haden Church looks smarmy yet funny and Bradley Cooper is......well, OK -- he's just plain hunkalicious.

(Gimme a break, I'm not dead!)

So click the movie title link here ----> All About Steve
<---- to go to the official movie website. You can view the trailer there, then let me know what YOU think.

(Comments added below on my site are MUCH appreciated!)

The flick was originally supposed to open in theaters last spring, but studio bosses felt that there were too many romantic comedies scheduled for release around that time -- so it is now scheduled to open on September 4, 2009.

So....can Sandra do it again?

It may be All About Steve.....but as far as I'm concerned, Sandra's drivin' the bus.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marvelous Meryl Is At It Again!

Hey Movie Lovers --

Today I'm happy to report that it seems the marvelous Meryl Streep has now become Hollywood's go-to gal for summer AND holiday flicks that will appeal to the (largely ignored) over-25 female demographic.

At least, that's what it's starting to look like.

What with last summer's HUGE box office hit Mamma Mia, and then the holiday Oscar-bait of Doubt....Meryl is set to repeat herself this year as well.

We have the just-released Julie & Julia, poised to become a summer box office success....

And now the trailer for Meryl's upcoming holiday offering -- It's Complicated, has just hit movie screens & the internet.

Oh yeah...and it looks good, good, GOOD.

Let's just say, this makes me happier than a pig in.....oh, never mind.

Just take a look below at the newly released trailer for It's Complicated. Along with a very funny Meryl, it stars Alec Baldwin as her cheating ex-husband and Steve Martin as Meryl's architect and would-be suitor.

I mean seriously, how much do I love that cast?

You'll also see some other welcome faces: Mary Kay Place, Alexandra Wentworth and Rita Wilson as Meryl's gal-pals....and cutie John Krasinski from The Office as Meryl's son-in-law.

OK, so it opens Christmas day and I'm willing to bet the contents of my stocking that it's gonna be a big hit.

In fact, I'm thinkin' that will be right around the time Miss Streep will be receiving serious Oscar buzz for her portrayal of Julia it may just be a very Merry Christmas for Meryl this year.

Go ahead and quote me on that. Just sayin'.

Hey, take a peek at It's Complicated & let me know what YOU think --

(By the way, did Meryl Streep really just say: "Turns out, I'm a bit of a slut"? I LOVE it!)