Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Girlies Just Know Guinea Pigs: "G-Force" Blasts The Box Office


Looks like even wizard boy-wonder
Harry Potter is no match for the force that is G-Force.

I never thought I'd say this, but.....Guinea Pigs

According to today's

The G-forces were too strong for the competition as Disney's "G-Force" won the crowded race at the domestic box office, grossing $32.2 million and surpassing holdover "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

"Half-Blood Prince," from Warner Bros., grossed an estimated $30 million from 4,325 in its second sesh for a domestic cume of $221.8 million.

Sony's Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler romantic comedy
"The Ugly Truth" opened to a strong $27 million from 2,882 theaters.

Now, this box office coup may be a surprise to y'all......

But I have two young friends --
Mikyla (age 10) and Samantha (age 8), who saw a screening of G-Force with me on Wednesday evening, and predicted its' overwhelming box office success right away.

Yep, the "Mouse House" has done it again.

ever underestimate the power of a grade-schooler's love of Disney and "Gadgets, Gizmos and Guinea Pigs. In 3-D!"

I'm just sayin'.

So, if you're debating on whether or not to check out this romp with
your favorite kiddo.....

Just watch the video below to see what the actual
G-Force target demo has to say about this new flick --

Hmmm....looks like
Harry hangin' on to the top spot for a second week in a row didn't stand a chance.

That's OK, we've made some room for him at the big people's table. Harry will be back and bigger than ever real soon....

Of that....I'm sure.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Newman, Redford, Butch and Sundance....Heaven & The Handsome Bank Robbers.

OK, confession time.

Every time I hear the song, "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head".....I wanna get on the handlebars of a bike and be driven around a farm by a handsome bank robber.


Who wouldn't?

Obviously, for me the feelings when I hear that tune are very strong, because they remind me of a classic scene from one of my ALL-TIME favorite flicks:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Oh yeah baby....I first viewed this flick when I was merely in grade school, but even then -- I knew a great flick when I saw it.

Newman & Redford.

Butch & Sundance.

Devilishly Handsome & Gosh Darn Gorgeous.

Ooops, I digress.

I really just wanna gush about this flick, and the fact that thanks to CAPA (Columbus Association Of The Performing Arts) and their 2009 Summer Movie Series -- I got to see Butch & Sundance all over again yesterday.

Yep, up on the glorious big screen of the Ohio Theatre, right where they belong.

Those two wonderful actors, a great script, awesome direction and a "true" story that was made for the silver screen.

I was in Movie Lover heaven.

Y'all know that I truly enjoy sharing movie fun, so I invited my sister Julie and fab friend Angela to join me for the afternoon....and we had a fun little discussion about the film (and the CAPA Summer Movie Series) over a few drinks at the Tip Top Kitchen and Cocktails afterward.

Check it out:

For those of you who don't know -- CAPA's 2009 Summer Movie Series, the longest-running classic film series in America, celebrates it's 39th anniversary this year with a lineup of classics, cult favorites and much-beloved films.

With 20 films covering practically every genre, there's truly something for everyone -- action, suspense, romance, comedy, drama, sci-fi, musicals, and even a little good-humored horror -- all in the grandeur of the glorious Ohio Theatre.

Click below for the complete series schedule:

2009 CAPA Summer Movie Series Schedule

What are some of the great films that I'm looking forward to seeing?

Show Boat, Rebecca, Dirty Dancing, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spellbound, Steel Magnolias and South Pacific.

Oh I said, Movie Lover heaven.

Hey, why not pull up a cloud and join me for a few?

Tickets are truly a bargain, $4.00 for the General Public, $3.50 for Senior Citizens or a strip of 10 tickets for $25.00 (the best movie deal in town!).

Seriously....prices even a handsome bank robber on a bicycle would love.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Good News For Ryan Reynolds Fans (aka...Me!)

Just read some casting news today on that caught my attention.

Why? concerns funny, smart, handsome and talented
Ryan Reynolds (most recently seen charming the nastiness out of Sandra Bullock in The Proposal).

Did I mention handsome?

Oh yeah, I did. Hmmm....guess you can see for yourself up above.

According to

Ryan Reynolds has landed the coveted role of “Green Lantern,” getting the starring role in Warner Bros.' live-action film based on the DC Comics hero.

Martin Campbell will direct. The studio is still working on the picture’s budget, but production is expected to begin in January.

The news caps off a memorable summer for
Reynolds, who played Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” a performance that prompted Fox to begin development on a spinoff film. Reynolds followed that by starring opposite Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy “The Proposal,” which crossed the $100 million mark this week.

Warners and Campbell chose
Reynolds, who vied for the superhero role along with “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto. The momentum built for Reynolds in the last week, as he was the only actor whose option was extended.

The Variety article goes on to report that Ryan will next star in
Buried, a dark indie drama that will begin filming shortly in Barcelona.

Vicky Christina Barcelona is the title of the Oscar-winning flick that Ryan's lovely new wife Scarlett Johansson made for Woody Allen there last year.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a rental for Javier Bardem's steamy performance alone. Yeah, yeah...Scarlett and Penelope Cruz are OK too.


So it seems that
Buried has Reynolds portraying a civilian contractor who is kidnapped in Iraq and awakes in a coffin, struggling against time to coordinate a rescue even though he doesn’t know where he’s buried in the desert.

Seriously? That's Ryan's next flick?


Well, it's NOT a romantic-comedy.....but it
IS hot in the desert.


I'm guessin' those famous abs will be on display at
some point in this flick as well. I
hate that.

Stay tuned.