Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Golden Globe Awards 2009 - Fashion Recap Video

Well, it's been two nights since the Golden Globe Awards....and I think I've finally caught up on watching all of the misc. Globes stuff on my DVR.

Let's see.......

There's the E! Red Carpet pre-show, the E! live from the Red Carpet broadcast, the 1 hour NBC Globes pre-show, The E! after-party show, Monday's Entertainment Tonight - Golden Globes edition and the E! Golden Globe Fashion Police Recap show.

Oh yeah......and then there was the actual telecast itself. I wanted to rewatch some of that as well.


Oh, and then I have to look at all of the red carpet pictures and read all about it afterward on the internet.

I know, I know......I'm an addict, what can I say?

And....there is no 12-step program for it, so I just deal with it --

Much like Mickey's poor stylist.

OK, so I think I've finally got it all digested...so I decided to put together a little fashion recap video for y'all.

I was inspired by a Seal song (Mr. Heidi Klum) I heard a few days ago, and decided that it would work perfectly for what I wanted to do.

Hope you enjoy it......


Anonymous said...

Here's a question Cagey,
What color hair is Cam Diaz going for? Maybe root growth is in.

Miley C. is annoying...she was upset that her b-day BMW was used! Hi honey, people are living on grilled cheese & tomato soup.

I could go on...Mickey R. might be my future...I'd shave his head immediately.

media child

reelron said...

Why is Kate a globie supporting winner? Am I not right that she was the above the title "star" of
"The Reader"?


Anonymous said...

I have to say that Cameron's dress was my favorite! Her hair was so sad, so it ruined it for so many but that pink was awesome.

Christina Applegate and Sandra Bullock were gorgeous too!!!

Renee is on serious drugs - we all know you are thin, now show some fun style!

And one of my favorite actresses is Maggie Gyllenhal and I love her style but her dress was icky. :(

McMemo said...

Hey-- I started blogging again.. I have a little golden globe section