Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming Soon: Oscars 2009 Recap, Photos & Commentary

Until then.....enjoy 2 of my favorite behind-the-scenes pix from last nights show:

4 Lovely Leading Ladies (all former Best Actress winners), waiting patiently backstage to present this years' Oscar for Best Actress. Awesome!

Hunk-a-licious Daniel (Bond) Craig getting a little powder touch-up backstage by flashlight. Why, oh why didn't I become a Hollywood make-up artist? (or flashlight-holder?) I'm just sayin'.

OK, gotta do some more surfin'.

I'll be back soon..........


Nochipra said...

I loved how they did the best actress and actor awards by bringing out 5 former winners to announce the nominees. The nominees seemed to appreciate the personalization of it.

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