Friday, October 30, 2009

'THIS IS IT'....NOT For Michael Jackson Fans Only

Hey Movie Lovers,

I was lucky enough to see a midnight screening of the new Michael Jackson "concert documentary" THIS IS IT on Tuesday evening.

Guess what?

I loved it.

This isn't a real shocker, because his #1 best-selling album "Thriller" came out the year I graduated from high school.

I have many, MANY fond memories of listening to and dancing to Michael Jackson tunes. Not to mention loving his music videos as well.

Those songs helped define a specific period in my life and they definitely have a special place in my heart.

I know there are many other MJ fans out there like me, all over the world....but there are just as many people who think he was just a very weird celebrity, who lived a very strange and unnatural existence.

I understand that, believe me I do.

I'm hoping that those people, along with the die-hard MJ fans, will go see this film. It truly gives a glimpse into his world as an artist and entertainer. It is enjoyable and engaging. Fun and joyful and ultimately, more than a little sad.

Please note, this film is NOT anything about his private, personal life.

This is Michael Jackson....the singer, dancer and entertainer extraordinaire.

And it is revealing, worthwhile and awesome --

and only in theaters for 2 weeks.

What made me wanna get up in the aisles and sing and dance?


I discussed the film this morning during my Mix Flick Chick segment with morning DJ Mark Dantzer. Mark is a music lover (obviously), and has great memories of listening to MJ as well.

Check out the video of our discussion below, as well as the official trailer for THIS IS IT.

Let me know if you see it & what you think....

and stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

As my boyfriend Jerry Maguire said "you had me at"...the white glove!

I'll admit I had no desire to see this but after your comments I must check it out. I remember listening to the cassette of "Thriller" in my Ford Lynx circa 1982...sometimes the police sirens interrupted me dancing while driving but nonetheless...

I must check the movie listings.

ju ju burd

Watch Movies said...

I love this film. This is one of amazing film I ever seen...I have added this film as a one of my favorite movie.