Monday, November 16, 2009

It's The End Of The World As We Know It....

....and apparently, everybody wants a front row seat!

Yep, the apocalyptic action-adventure 2012 just had a terrific opening weekend, grossing $65 million in the States with a global box office gross of $225 million.

According to, not only was 2012 the fifth best international opening of all time,
that crazy global box office total was "the best ever for an original movie not based on an established franchise, brand or best-selling novel."

(I'm thinkin' they mean....other than peeps like Harry Potter and James Bond -- ya know, A Box Office Dream Team.)

(Wow, can you imagine the box office take for Harry Potter and Her Majesty's Secret Service Look For A Quantum Of Solace With A Goblet Of Fire? I am SO there!)

I was able to see 2012 at a screening last Thursday night, and had no doubt it was headed for the record books.

I do love John Cusack in most anything, and I enjoyed the over-the-top special effects & action....but I did have a few minor plot questions.

Check out the latest episode of FlickChick.TV for my take:

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

John is the man! I have no desire to spend my government check on this one but I will watch the trailers just to see "my Johnny"

ju ju

2012 Movie said...

Hey Thanks Man ! 2012 is one of the good film of last year. In this film, You are able to watch lot of special effects added by film makers..