Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breaking News: 2 New Additions To The Cast Of "High School Musical 3: Senior Year"

Dateline Hollywood.......

In light of the HUGE box office numbers this past weekend for Sex and the City, production executives at Disney Studios have just decided to add two new characters to their existing group of students in the upcoming big-screen version of the oh-so-popular High School Musical franchise.

Columbus sisters and showbiz veterans Julie Castell and Kelly Gingery have just been cast as two fun and fearless "40-something" females, who decide to go back to high school to get their GED's, and end up singin' and dancin' their way into the hearts of the student body AND the cast of the school's spring musical.

"Hollywood finally got the wake-up call that women 40 years old and older actually go to the movies, and occasionally appreciate seeing actresses and stories representing them on the big screen.

-- Sharon Stone, star of the upcoming "China Syndrome 2"

As this highly anticipated film was already deep into production, writers of "HSM 3" are scrambling to come up with additional musical numbers and plot twists to feature these bold new characters.

According to anonymous sources on the set, new musical numbers will include:

"(Fun, Fun, Fun) 'Til Her Husband Takes Her Mini-Van Away"

"I Don't Need Men -- I've Got Menopause"

"My Achy Breaky Back"

"Forty Is The New Thirty"

"Don't Go Stealin' My Spanx"

And a show-stopping Kelly/Julie duet........

"I'm Gonna Wash That Gray Right Outta My Hair"

Ooooh, we can't wait!

Look for the film to hit theaters on October 24th -- We'll be sure to bring you any updates, as soon as we get them in.

One last tidbit before we go --

Additional sources on the set confirm that things have gotten a little bit "cute and cozy" for Miss Castell and her dapper young costar, Lucas Grabeel....

Overheard on the set:

"MySpace? What do you mean he wants MySpace? What's that about? Last time I heard a guy say he needed that, he was trying to break up with me!"

Uh-Oh......is the generation gap showing?

Stay tuned!

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