Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Morning Box Office: Where's The Love?

Hmmm, note to self: It's much better to be just Smart than a Guru......

Steve Carell
and his Get Smart team opened at first place this weekend with a $39 million take at US box offices. Mike Myers and his Love Guru landed in fourth place with a dismal $14 million.

Estimated weekend box office chart below:

I just read a column by Peter Bart, the editor of Daily Variety. He has an interesting take on Mike Myers, and his quickly disappearing appeal to moviegoers.

I received 2 replies to my Friday post about your intentions to see Get Smart or The Love Guru.

Leah Scott writes:

"I saw Get Smart last night (Friday) and wanted to give you my feedback. I really wasn't too sure about the movie either, but ended up liking it. It was silly, but fun. It starts out slow and takes awhile to get into the rhythm of the off beat humor, but by the end, I was howling with laughter. If you love Steve Carell, you should see the movie, but no rush. I'm with you on The Love Guru. No interest at all in seeing that one."

Marri Petrucci said:

"I do want to see Get Smart. People gave it a great review! He is so funny. Just watched Dan in Real Life and loved it. I am not a huge Office fan, but all my boys are and I have started to get used to it and the humor."
So how about the rest of you? Anybody else see either of these two flicks and want to weigh in?

I do plan on seeing Get Smart, probably within the next few weeks. I'll post my thoughts then.

In the meantime, click the link below to check out a funny visual (and some very perceptive comments) from one of my favorite blogs about Hollywood and the movies: Women and Hollywood

Be sure to check out the reader comments below the post. Some very feisty movie chicks weigh in on the topic.

That's all for now, more movie love later....

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