Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will Anne Hathaway "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" To Oscar Gold?

I hope so!

I really like Anne.....and I think she has made some very smart choices in her relatively short career (are you listening, La Lohan? Coulda been you girlie, I'm just sayin').

So I was especially intrigued this morning when I read that Hathaway will be tackling the biopic of a very iconic, beloved performer.......

Miss Judy Garland.

Apparently, Anne will be playing Judy on the stage AND the screen. That piques my interest even more.

The performance will be based on the 2000 Judy Garland biography titled Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland, by Gerald Clarke.

Click Here: HuffingtonPost.com -- Anne Hathaway To Play Judy Garland
On Stage AND Screen

Personally.....I think Hathaway will totally knock this one out of the park.

She's shown her ability to play comedy and drama, she can be goofy and vulnerable......

and she can sing!

Remember, the lovely Miss Hathaway proved she has some serious stage chops when she surprisingly held her own with Mr. Showman himself, Hugh Jackman, during the opening number at this year's Academy Awards.

Click Here: Video Clip -- Anne Hathaway Joins Hugh Jackman in Oscar Opening
Number (Song begins at 2 min. in, Hathaway joins at 4:30 min. in)

Hmmmm........wonder if this Garland role was already in the bag then, or if her little Oscar song & dance helped seal the deal?

No matter.

I for one am looking forward to what she will do with this role -- and if it will once again lead her to the Oscar red carpet.

As we all know, this story doesn't exactly have what you would call a "happy" ending.....and it involves a very famous, larger-than-life personality.

So it has "Oscar Bait" written all over it.

Well, good luck Anne.....I can't wait to hear you (and Judy) sing again!


Thomai said...

Hathaway as Garland? I just don't see it, but, ya never know- the power of make-up/hair, and lighting just might help....

I'm just waaaaaaaay toooo big a fan of garland to see anyone really coming anywhere close to it.

Nora said...

I can definitely see her as Judy Garland! Based on her performance with Hugh Jackman on the Oscars I think she would be great! If didn't see her do that little skit with him then I would've been a little more skeptical.

columbus imPRessions said...

I love Anne Hathaway! She has that classic looks of stars years ago like Judy Garland. Wonder what Liza thinks, (or if she is still capable of thinking). Anne has a great voice and is funny to. Check out the SNL Lawrence Welk video spoof - hilarious - http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/video/clips/the-lawrence-welk-show/727501/