Thursday, May 7, 2009

OK, so I guess I AM a Trekkie.....

Because boy, oh boy.....did I ever LOVE this new Star Trek flick!

Wait, before you stop reading because you don't like Sci-Fi....listen up.

I wrote a few posts back that I was really psyched to see the new Star Trek prequel. I listed detailed reasons and I added some fun visuals.

I admitted that I had never been a "Trekkie", but all of the elements behind this new version had really made me sit up & take notice. I'd fallen for the fab trailer, and now I was hooked.

(If ya wanna know ALL of my reasons, skip back to 2 posts ago. Basically....I'm in love with director J.J. Abrams and all of his work, AND I think actor Chris Pine (young Capt. Kirk) is a cutie. So much for deep thoughts.)

Anyways -- I was all ready to go see this flick on opening weekend like any other self-respecting movie-lovin' geek like me would do.....but then something on Twitter caught my eye.

Yes, Twitter.

("Hello, my name is Kelly G. and I am a Twitter-holic.")

I know y'all are tired of hearin' me yammer on & on about Twitter. And now with Oprah & Ashton talkin' about it all the time, it seems like it's about to "jump the shark."

Believe me, it's not.

I happen to follow "ColumbusMovies" (duh....) on Twitter. Around midday Monday, ColumbusMovies tweets that anyone interested in seeing a free screening of Star Trek at the Campus Gateway Theater on Wednesday night, should email them for free passes.

Seriously, I never typed so fast in my life.

Long story short.....I successfully scored the free passes and I quickly rounded up a fun group of other Columbus Tweeps to attend the screening with me. Most, like me, were interested in the flick but not necessarily Trekkies.

Uh.....most, like me, were very interested in a FREE movie.

Here's (L to R) Jason Blanton (@Blantonious),
Clancy Bevington
Cheryl Harrison (@CherylHarrison) and Demetrius Hall (@DemetriusHall).
Julie Castell (@jujuburd), Rich Haynam (@Rehcmh) and Mike Gingery
(a non-tweep, who we allowed to join us) were there as well.

I must admit, I have been to more than a handful of movie screenings like this in my life. The best part (ya know, other than it being....FREE) is that most of the people in the audience are movie-lovers as well & just as excited to be there and seeing it early, before the general public.

For me, this always makes the movie-going experience SO much better. I don't know about y'all....but I do talk a lot here about my desire to see big flicks such as this with opening weekend crowds.

Not only is it important for me to support films I like & believe in on opening weekend (because those are the box office numbers that the Hollywood suits really pay attention to when deciding future projects), but it's also fun for me to experience a film with other movie lovers. Especially a fun, adventure flick such as this.

Helloooo.....this is a T-shirt that I created and often wear:

I have always loved the laughing, ooohing & ahhhing and most of all -- the audience applause when great movie moments occur.

Last night during Star Trek, we experienced all of the above.

So, I'm not gonna really review the flick here...heck, there are reviews (mostly great) ALL over the internet for you to read.

Instead, I'm just gonna say this:

I saw Star Trek last night.....and it was really great.
I'm not a Sci-Fi lover, just a good movie-lover.
I never really watched the series, but I understood it all.
It introduces all of the characters that we think we know so well.
It's a fun "popcorn" flick in the tradition of Star Wars & Indiana Jones.
(With a little Top Gun thrown in for good measure)
It can be enjoyed by all ages, men AND women.
Yes, things blow up and there are space chases & gunfights....
But there are very humorous & touching moments as well.
The casting is great (especially Kirk & Spock) --
And Dr. Bones & Scotty almost steal the show.
(And they say their famous lines, and we'd be mad if they didn't)
It's fun spotting a few interesting cameo appearances....
And one in particular gets a rousing round of applause.
If you do go see it...I recommend this weekend, with a fun crowd.
And if you do go see it, always, let me know what you think.

OK folks, those are my morning after thoughts....

(See Manolo? I spoilers.)

Basically, I realize that I am now proud to call myself a Trekkie, as I formally try to recruit others as well.

Hey, if ya wanna be a Trekkie AND join me on Twitter, you'd seriously make my day.

(Wait, that's a totally other flick.)


That's all I got for now.
So you know I gotta say it......

"Live Long And Prosper, y'all."


Tiffany said...

Ya make me want to see it Kelly! Thanks for the low down!!!

Cheryl Harrison said...

Great post - loved the movie, thanks for bringing me!

columbus imPRessions said...

Just please tell me the cheesy theme song was not a part of the movie. All I can hear is ooo ooo ooo oooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo. Nice rendition, huh?!

Good recap, I'm not a trekky but your description now makes me rethink my stance.

Glad you all had fun. Wish I could have been there. The softball game ended up getting cancelled after all.

Dan Harris said...

I was on the fence about seeing it, NOW after reading this I will. I didn't realize the guy who plays Sylar from Hero's was in the movie. He makes a great Spock like character. I can't wait to report on it too.

Blantonious said...

Yes this was a great movie. I was close to showing emotion but since I am Vulcan I didn't. :-) Thanks for letting me tag along Kelly. You're the best. I will write up my cent cent post on the movie this weekend. Didn't want to put out the spoilers too soon. ;-)

Thomai said...

What is life for women in the future like according to the Star Trek creators?
Are we hero's, leaders, do we have developed characters like in real life?
Or do we prance around in short skirts as fuck mates for the men, mothers of their children or their mothers and grandmothers?

Developed characters that are female are a MUST in order for me to spend money on a film-

Just as in real life, money doesn't make up for character-
no CGI will make up for lack of character either.