Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some Girlies Just Know Guinea Pigs: "G-Force" Blasts The Box Office


Looks like even wizard boy-wonder
Harry Potter is no match for the force that is G-Force.

I never thought I'd say this, but.....Guinea Pigs

According to today's

The G-forces were too strong for the competition as Disney's "G-Force" won the crowded race at the domestic box office, grossing $32.2 million and surpassing holdover "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

"Half-Blood Prince," from Warner Bros., grossed an estimated $30 million from 4,325 in its second sesh for a domestic cume of $221.8 million.

Sony's Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler romantic comedy
"The Ugly Truth" opened to a strong $27 million from 2,882 theaters.

Now, this box office coup may be a surprise to y'all......

But I have two young friends --
Mikyla (age 10) and Samantha (age 8), who saw a screening of G-Force with me on Wednesday evening, and predicted its' overwhelming box office success right away.

Yep, the "Mouse House" has done it again.

ever underestimate the power of a grade-schooler's love of Disney and "Gadgets, Gizmos and Guinea Pigs. In 3-D!"

I'm just sayin'.

So, if you're debating on whether or not to check out this romp with
your favorite kiddo.....

Just watch the video below to see what the actual
G-Force target demo has to say about this new flick --

Hmmm....looks like
Harry hangin' on to the top spot for a second week in a row didn't stand a chance.

That's OK, we've made some room for him at the big people's table. Harry will be back and bigger than ever real soon....

Of that....I'm sure.

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