Wednesday, May 28, 2008

For Those Of You With A Wacky Sense Of Humor.....

Seriously, y'all......

You must check out one of my new favorite sites: some ecards

Love their tagline -- "When you care enough to hit send."

Site link is here:

(FYI --I've sprinkled a few favorite sample cards throughout this post.)

This is a funny, wacky, silly, naughty and mostly politically
IN-correct site where you can easily send e-cards to those you like, love or merely want to annoy.

(We all know some of those people.....right?)

Guess what else?

It's completely FREE! (and surprisingly EASY)

No crazy registration......just fill out the sender's name and email and the recipient's name and email......and add a short message if you wish.

Then hit send.

It's that simple.


Word of I mentioned above, many of the cards are humorously politically IN-correct -- if you get my drift. More than a few contain sexual innuendo and/or the "F-word" (but most are quite funny while doing so).
I'm just sayin'..........

Some people may be offended, but I feel the funny outweighs the I surf the site periodically, especially when I need to laugh out loud.

There's just something about the simple, retro drawings.....accompanied by the snarky comments. It's quite a combination.

They have cards for every possible category: Thank You, Sympathy, Friendship, Movie-Related, Holidays, Birthdays, Graduation.....and one of my favorite categories to surf -- Breakup (very funny stuff).

OK, so that's my funny site recommendation for today. Why not check it out the next time you have a few free moments on your hands?

Hey, I'd love to receive a someecard from any of y'all......if you're so inclined.
(They are FREE, remember!)

Hmmm......I just found a new favorite, now I gotta figure out who to send it to:


Have a truly great day!

Kelly :)

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