Monday, May 26, 2008

"Welcome back Dr. Jones.......

******************************'s been 20 years -- we've missed you."

So, as you might have guessed -- I went to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend.

I'm sorry, but that's definitely a movie that you have to see on opening self-respecting movie geek would have it any other way.

Of's always much more fun to see a flick like that with a big group -- so I invited a bunch of good friends who were willing to join me in a field trip to the multiplex.

A little something I like to call:

"Kelly's Movie Kamp"

Kampers for this flick included fab friends and neighbors Paul and Lois Kolada, Jamie and Liz Taylor (No, not that Liz Taylor.....this one is
way cooler, has only been married once -- and doesn't hang out with Michael Jackson).....and of course, the hubs -- Michael, and me.....Kelly, your friendly Head Kamp Counselor.

(Oh yeah--some big, beefy green guy jumped into our Kamp Photo)

He seemed to have a bit of a temper........... I just let him hang with us and stay in the picture.

(What the heck....I did however, make him promise not to sit in front of me during the show.)

Oh yeah, I almost of the best parts of Movie Kamp? Dinner, drinks and discussion afterward.

For this session, we headed on over to Don Pablo's....for a little mexican and margaritas.

And a toast to Indy's return.


I'm thinkin' this weekend may call for another Movie Kamp -- those lovely ladies of New know, the ones with all the clothes and what not....


Sex and The City opens Friday, May 30th.

(Even if you've never seen the show....I've heard the movie is fun -- and a flick like that, always more fun in a group.)

So I'm thinkin' : Cosmos and Cap City Diner.

New Kampers are always welcome. Just contact the Head Counselor if you're interested.

OK, so now for my "Indy" review.......

Also known as:

"Kelly's Movie Kamp ReKap"

It's great to have Indy back.
Spielberg and Lucas, too.
The story isn't a WOW, it's a Wow.
The story isn't important.
It's the big picture.
It's.....Indiana Jones.
It's fun. It's supposed to be fun.
It's kinda retro, in a good way.
It makes you smile and remember the first one.
The first time you met Indy.
Remember? In the jungle, running.....
and snakes.
In the desert, fist-fighting and car chases.
Outsmarting the bad guys.
Then: Nazis
Now: Ruskies
Harrison looks older, but wiser.
A little rough and worn, but good.
The's all about the hat.
Oh yeah, and the whip.
(Spoiler Alert)
Shia is good as Indy's young sidekick/son.
A greaser on a cycle, his name is Mutt.
So good to see Marion Ravenwood again.
Karen Allen looks great, what a smile.
She's age-appropriate match for Indy.
Loved Indy's line to Marion:
"They all had the same problem,
they weren't you."

True love survives and wins......full circle.
Must mention Cate Blanchett as the villain.
Evil Ruskie Irina Spalko.
Such a character, Boris and Natasha --
rolled into one.
The Kampers didn't recognize her.
Loved her line: "Dos Vadanya, Dr. Jones"
She makes zhoo vant to tock vit a
Rooshian akcent.
Quite the chameleon, that Cate.
So....the flick.
I wanted to like it.
I liked it.
I'm glad they finally made it.
Worth the wait?
If you loved the others, you'll like it.
So just go see it.
I'm bettin' there's another one.
I'm sure we'll hear soon.
This one just made $126 million.....
In 4 days.
(Just in the USA)
Add in overseas....
Already up to $311 million.
In less than a week.
Yep --
They're preppin' Shia to take over, I'm sure.
Cute kid. Young blood. Fresh meat.
Mutt tried to put on the hat.
He bent over, he picked it up.....
But Indy took it and put it back on.
For now.

Stay tuned.......

Kelly :)

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