Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A New "Mamma Mia!"....Yes, A Sing-Along Edition Debuts In Theaters Next Week!


I guess I'm gonna have to round up some gal-pals and go see it again now.


I just read on the USA Today website that a sing-along version of Mamma Mia! is set to be released (for a limited time) in selected theaters nationwide on Friday, August 29th.

Click Here: USA Today-Lifeline Live: "Sing-Along With Meryl"

What a fun idea for the legions of ABBA & Mamma Mia! fans that have shown their loyalty and love for the film version of this musical phenomenon -- to the tune of $320 million worldwide (and counting.....).

Ya know, if you've never been to a sing-along flick before.....I highly recommend it.

I must admit, I count my multiple midnight viewings of the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show as my first real taste of a sing-along flick experience.

Even though the lyrics weren't flashed upon the big screen -- there we all were at the Graceland Shopping Center Cinema....dressed up, throwin' rice & toast and singin' & dancin' the "Time Warp" like crazy.

Ahhhh.....the memories of my misspent middle school years!

Click Here: Our 70's Hangout -- Graceland Shopping Center -- Clintonville, OH

More recently, I attended a sing-along screening of The Sound of Music.......complete with a rather humorous costume contest.

I seem to recall that a lovely young lass dressed as "Liesl" beat out a somewhat stocky and surly fella dressed as the "Mother Superior".

("Mother" wasn't too thrilled about that.)

I must say, you haven't truly experienced the Von Trapp Family Singers.....until you've joined them in a rousing rendition of "So Long, Farewell."

("Adieu, yuh and yuh and yu-uh.")

Ooops.......I digress.

Back to the
"Mamma" at hand.

If you're interested in the
Mamma Mia! sing-along -- selected cities, theaters and times will be posted on the official movie site within the next few days.

Click Here: Mamma Mia -- The Official Movie Site

Even if you don't plan on might want to check out the movie website.

It's full of fun and campy visuals
(I would expect no less....) and of course, the wonderful movie music is featured prominently.

So....if you're like me, and just
itchin' to sing-along with Meryl & the Mamma Mia! gang -- make sure to check the official site first, for the theater nearest you.

Oh yeah......and if you happen to attend a screening in central Ohio and hear a somewhat off-key note or two during "SOS" --

Please don't put all the blame on
Brave Mr. Brosnan.

I'm just sayin'........

It's been a looong time since high school choir practice for yours truly.

( let's see, where did I put that blue spandex bodysuit?)

OK Movie Lovers......

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see it. I saw it on B'Way and sang along there but singing along to the screen will be my Columbus debut.

I'm so glad you passed this news along. Can I be one of your gal pals and attend the sing-a-long?

Kelly Gingery said...

Dear Media Child (don't worry, I'd know u anywhere!),

You can definitely join me for the sing-along....consider your seat reserved!

Don't forget your spandex -- or at least a feather boa.

See you soon,