Sunday, August 3, 2008

"Mamma Mia"....I Finally Got To See Ya!

Yes, I finally got to see Mamma Mia over a week ago....and I just have the chance to write about it here now.

I had the pleasure of attending a showing with 5 good girlfriends......definitely the way to see a flick like this.

My friend Betsy was hosting our monthly "card club" that night ( we don't actually play cards anymore -- we really just eat, drink and gab. Gotta problem with that?).

I had emailed a bunch of them to see if there were any takers to attend a future showing of Mamma Mia, and Betsy suggested that we combine it with our "cards night".

What a great idea.

So it turns out, because it's summer and people are on vacations, etc......that it ended up being only 6 of us doin' the ABBA action that evening.

That's OK......a fun time was had by all.

Check us all out here afterward, posin' in the lobby with the movie poster:

(Left to right: Marla, Mary, Me, Betsy, Stephanie and Marri)

In hindsight, I should have also taken a pic of the long line of young sci-fi die-hards (waiting to get into a midnight showing of the X-Files sequel).

I seriously think they thought we were all crazy, and much too old to be acting that way.

Huh. Kids today.

OK, back to Mamma Mia.

It was fun and frothy, silly and sweet and definitely enjoyable.

I liked it.

I didn't love it, but I really, really liked it.

I wasn't a hard sell, mind you. I've never seen the stage show.... but I loved ABBA in my youth and have their greatest hits CD on permanant rotation, so to speak.

Seriously, if you're in a funky mood or just havin' a bad day......pop in some ABBA and start groovin' to "Take A Chance On Me."

Guaranteed to help cure what ails ya.

So, about the movie.

Here's the deal:

--Meryl is awesome, she can totally sing and should do it more often. She glows.

--The young actress (Amanda Seyfried) who plays her daughter is charming & beautiful, sings like an angel and the camera loves her. She could be a pop star, an actress or both (watch out Hillary Duff --is that chick still around?) She is one to watch, mark my words.

--The entire supporting cast is awesome and totally in it for the fun.

--Special mention: the gals who play Meryl's good old friends and former bandmates....hilarious.

--The guys (the 3 "potential fathers") are fun and totally up to the musical challenge.

--Ooops, one teeny, tiny criticism.......Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan.

--First off, let me say.....he wasn't as bad as everyone is saying. Seriously, I think people are having such a problem with his performance (well, his singing performance) because it is such a disconnect to see James Bond bellow out a ballad.

I admit, when he first opens his mouth to sounds a But I truly believe that part of the blame belongs with the director. She doesn't seem to do 'ol Pierce any favors by shooting him in tight close-up, as he so clearly struggles with a few stanzas.

That aside, once you get used to seeing 007 crooning a tune.....he gets better, much better. I mean, let's face it.....this is one seriously handsome and charismatic guy. That he even took the chance with this flick and the obvious campiness -- well, he gets 2 thumbs up in my book.

I'll just say this : "Hey Pierce....I was shaken, not stirred."

(Ugh, sorry for that.)

--Finally, while I really enjoyed Mamma Mia, I wish it would have been photographed (shot, whatever) just a little bit better. It looked somewhat "fuzzy" to me. Kinda low budget. I can't quite put my finger on it. I mean, watching this flick is probably the closest I'm ever gonna come to visiting a Greek island.....I want that view to be crystal clear, baby!

--OK, to sum up....if you like ABBA and sometimes catch yourself dancing in the living room to "Super Trouper" or "Money, Money, Money" (I'm not sayin' that I do that, it's just a hypothetical doncha know) will like Mamma Mia.

And if you get a kick out of seeing a bunch of great actors (and some great singers) having a fun time will like Mamma Mia.

One final note: If you do go, make sure that you stay through the end credits. I know, I have to go to the bathroom -- but you'll thank me later.

The entire cast dresses up and does a music video. Believe me, it's worth the wait.
(I don't wanna give too much away, but let's just say......there's a lot of spandex involved.)

It makes ya want to get up and sing & dance your way out of the theater. Totally fun and worth the price of admission.

If you still aren't sold, watch the video below and listen to Meryl Streep sing "Mamma Mia" to a montage of clips from the film:

Mamma Mia
.......I'm so glad I got to see ya.

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Megan said...

Hi Kelly,

I just saw "Mamma Mia" as well and I really liked it. I gotta say, your problem with the fuzziness might have been your particular theatre because my print was crystal clear and beautiful.

My post on the movie is here: