Thursday, September 4, 2008

"I'll Be Back......"

Hey y'all.....

Ya know I'm a true movie-lover and I live to blog about that kinda fun stuff,

But for right now --

I'm just fascinated, transfixed and
obsessed with what has been going on in the political arena these past few weeks.

Listen, whatever your political leanings may be........

Ya gotta admit --

This is the best show in town!

And with only
61 days left until the Presidential election -- I have a feeling we ain't seen nuthin' yet!

So for awhile anyways......just consider
MovieChick --

Stay tuned.......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Movie Chick,

I too am totally obssessed by the election coverage. I need a 12 step program to cure my addiction.

Does Sarah look like Tina Fey or what. Tina must do a guest appearance to do a parody of her. That would be worth staying up past my bedtime.

Ju Ju