Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Fall Flick To Look Forward To: "The Secret Life Of Bees"

I hate to admit this but.....I haven't read the book.

I do know a lot about it though, I just never got around to reading it. And then, I read that it was going to be made into a film -- and I just figured I'd wait and see the flick.

I do that sometimes.....and then I like the film so much, I go back and read the book.

Kinda backward, I guess.

Oh well.....that's just me.

Anyways, I've read some good stuff online about this flick -- it opens October 17th.

Here's a little scoop today, courtesy of

Cinematical has just received this exclusive poster (above) for The Secret Life of Bees, based on Sue Monk Kidd's best-selling coming-of-age novel.

And talk about an all-star cast of top-notch female talent, Bees stars Queen Latifah, Jennifer Hudson, Dakota Fanning, Alicia Keys and Sophee Okonedo.

The film, which is set in South Carolina in 1964, follows two friends (Fanning and Hudson) who run away from home in order to solve the mystery surrounding one of their mothers. Eventually, the three Boatwright sisters (Latifah, Keys and Okonedo) take the two girls in and teach them how to care for and raise bees. The book itself has a ton of fans, and the film -- especially with this cast -- is expected to win over a slew of new ones as well.

Yay....something to look forward to this Fall.

If you're looking for more info about the film, here's the link to the "Bees" info page on the Internet Movie Database: The Secret Life of Bees

Also, here is a link to the "Bees" book page on The Secret Life of Bees (the novel)

Stay tuned Movie Lovers........

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