Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check Out This Cute Site: Baby Fish Mouth

Baby Fish Mouth?

What's a Baby Fish Mouth?

Baby Fish Mouth (www.bfmwear.com) is a children's t-shirt company founded by two college friends and Moms.

According to Danielle Hughes, Baby Fish Mouth President and Co-Founder: "It combines our love of movies and pop culture with our love for our children. Our unique and witty shirts take famous movie lines and put a 'baby' twist on them."

Love The Godfather? 'He made me a bottle I couldn't refuse.'

Swoon for Fight Club? 'The first rule of Day Care - don't talk about Day Care.'

All shirts are 100% cotton, made in the USA and come packaged in their signature movie popcorn box making the perfect gift for any film fan.

They come in short sleeve onesies, long sleeve onesies, short sleeve t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts.

They are featured in this month's Redbook Magazine.......

and have received glowing reviews on Celebrity Baby Blog, What's Hot for Tots, The Daily Stroll, Mommies with Style and more.

OK, I must confess....one of my first reasons for checking them out?

Their name.

Quick....name the famous 1989 romantic-comedy that the phrase Baby Fish Mouth comes from.

Don't know?

This short video might refresh your memory:

(When Harry Met Sally....man, that totally makes me remember why I love that flick.)

OK, so how did I discover this clever and oh-so-adorable product?

Why....on Twitter, of course!

Yes, I became acquainted with one of the company founders....while reading through my "tweets" last week on Twitter.

Sidenote: If you aren't yet familiar with Twitter (the latest "it" thing in social networking, and totally addictive for internet junkies -- like me), you can watch a short informational video about it on their site and sign up for free at: Twitter.com.

You can also follow me on Twitter along the right side of my blog (my username is KellyGingery), and read a recent USA Today piece on Twitter as well: Click Here

OK......back to Baby Fish Mouth.

So I read the "tweets" talking about their product, and then I clicked the link that led me to their website.

Lo and behold, what did my MovieChick eyes see?

Their cute tees and the great story of how 2 movie-lovin' friends decided to start a business together.

I love that, AND their cute shirts.

So much, it almost makes me want to have another baby.



That thud you just heard was my hubs......keeling over in the background.

Oh well, I'm sure I'll have someone to buy one (or two) for -- someday.

Perhaps you might as well.

So....if you're into movies like I am (OK, maybe not exactly like I am), give this cute site a look.

(I also put a picture link to their site on the right side of my blog)

Baby Fish Mouth. Fashion for Future Film Fans!

Remember, 7 out of 10 children are below grade level in movie literacy. You can help change that.

(Just think of all those future Leonardo DiCaprio's...... )

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