Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Has Indiana Jones...."nuked the fridge"?

There is a strange new phrase making it's way across the internet:

"Nuked the fridge."

If you surf a lot, you may have read about it.

Here's the scoop (courtesy of Newsweek Magazine - July 14th edition):

Early in the new "Indiana Jones" sequel, our creaky, 65-year-old hero stumbles onto a nuclear test site, and the warning siren is blaring. Panicked, surrounded by Potemkin houses, he folds himself inside the lead-lined cavity of a refrigerator. Kaboom: the blast sends Indy hurtling across the New Mexico desert, a mushroom cloud rising behind him. He lands and, logic be damned, tumbles out unscathed. The franchise, though, will never recover.

In TV land, this phenomenon is known as "jumping the shark": the moment when a once proud series swan-dives into putridity. It's a reference to a dreadful, late-era episode of "Happy Days" in which a water-skiing Fonz lofts himself over the fin of a great white. But Indy fans were so demoralized, they coined a new phrase just for movie-franchise meltdowns. Ergo: "nuking the fridge."

The phrase was born on May 24—two days after the film opened—and it went viral on movie message boards. In barely a month, it has blown through several Web. 2.0 benchmarks: YouTube tributes, "fridge" haikus, merch-hawking Web sites, "Word of the Day" status on UrbanDictionary.com. "You're expecting [the movie] to be as great as you remembered it," says Beth Russell, creator of nukingthefridge.com, "and after the fridge scene, it was like, 'Oooo-K'." A new legend is born, for all the wrong reasons.

So now you know.

Hey, I'm just here....workin' hard to fill y'all in on everything that is wacky, wonderful and pop culture crazy.

You can thank me later.

When you say: "My husband's hair has totally nuked the fridge".......

Think of me.

When you realize: "Going to my in-laws for dinner has totally nuked the fridge".....

Think of me.

And when you finally win the lottery with that silly scratch-off game that you obsessively play.....

Seriously.....think of me.

Oh yes, and because I like to share -- I've also included a few links to some of the crazy sites mentioned in the Newsweek piece:

For A "Nuked the Fridge" definition -- Urban Dictionary
For "Nuked the Fridge" T-shirts, etc. -- Cafe Press
For all other "Nuked the Fridge" needs -- nukingthefridge.com

OK, and just because I'm in a very generous mood this morning -- I thought I would include this little bit of warm and fuzzy nostalgia below......

Our man "The Fonz" (aka Arthur Fonzarelli) -- in his historic, phrase-making "shark jump":


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