Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hi-ya Hellboy, Meet Dave.

Oh......you've already met?


At the box office this past weekend?


What happened?



Sorry to hear that, Eddie -- er, I mean "Dave".

Hey.....perhaps they'll decide to make Norbit 2.

That'll be great for ya.....

Well, unless they release it the same weekend as -- Hellboy 3.

Not so great.

We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Yep, so don't know if ya heard (or care....but stick with me here), but Hellboy 2 caused Meet Dave to literally flame-out at the box office this past weekend.

I haven't seen either flick.....but I'm actually a little curious about Hellboy 2. The trailer looked visually fantastic and seemed quite humorous.

Plus....I kinda like a big, red, smart alecky guy with muscles.......who doesn't?

NO.......not Carrot Top!


Yeah, what a stud.

(Hmm...I'm still not sure about those things sticking out of his forehead, but I'll just go with it for now)

Hey, here's what I wanna know.......

How many of you can name the actor who plays "Hellboy"?



His name is: Ron Perlman.

He's been around for a very looooong time.

In fact, Ron made a name for himself playing another, quite famous "fantasy" character on television, many years ago.

Do you know, can you guess?


Vincent, you say.

Who in the world is Vincent?

Here's a clue:

B & B.

No, not Bed & Breakfast.........

Yep.......Beauty and the Beast.

The cult television show, starring Perlman and Linda (Sarah Connor from The Terminator) Hamilton on CBS in the mid-1980's.

Is that crazy, or what?

(Man, does Ronny like the hair, make-up and costumes, whew!)

Wow, I wonder what's next up for Perlman?

I'm thinkin'.....the lead in the touching saga of a disgarded former hero --

"The Gary Busey Story".

Seriously -- don't you see the resemblance?

Is it just me?

(OK, as with most things -- that is possible)

Anyways.....from "Beast"......to "Hellboy".......to Busey.

A quite natural career progression.

Oh yeah baby, it's got Oscar written ALL over it.

Stay tuned........

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Cracker said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! I've bookmarked yours and will check it regularly. Lots of good stuff.

P.s... those things on Hellboy's forehead are horns, which he cuts off and keeps sanded down so he "doesn't look like such a freak" he says. :)